Hi there, my name is Christian.

Professionally, I'm a product design leader, strategist, researcher, technologist, one-time software engineer (I still dabble), and advisor. 

Semiprofessionally, I am a transdisciplinary scholar and soon-to-be-published author.

Outside of work, I consider myself a small-time adventurer, incorrigible raconteur, middling billiards player, and a quiet—hopefully kind—person about town.

This is my personal website.

Photo of Christian wearing a red hoodie standing on the top of a mountain overlooking greenery and a hilly landscape in the background.
Humdrum selfie. Doubletop Mountain. July 2022.

What I'm up to

Since 2007 I've remixed passion projects, self-directed study, and wide-ranging internet spelunking into whatever I happen to be doing in a professional capacity, and vice versa.

Work history

I'm turning this here World Wide Web property into an information garden to organize some of what I’ve learned for my own reflection and your perusal.

I can be found online:

Where I live

I'm currently based in Portland, Maine's tranquil West End neighborhood.


Say hi

Please do not hesitate to send an email to christian@jacobs.io. I'm usually up for a conversation, drinks, or dinner.