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Humdrum selfie taken in Hallowell, Maine (2019)

Hi! My name is Christian. This is my personal website.

Since 2007 or so I've been remixing personal passion projects, self-directed study, and wide-ranging internet spelunking into whatever I happen to be doing in a professional capacity, and vice versa. I'm working on turning this here World Wide Web property into a sort of information garden for my own personal reflection and your perusal (more on this soon!).

Professionally, I've held leadership roles in design research, product design, engineering, and management consulting. My practice centers collaboration, strategic planning, and effective decision-making under conditions of uncertainty. I value equitable outcomes, sustainability, and inclusion. I believe it is beneficial to embrace complexity and dance with systems as opposed to being reductionist.

"The opposite of complexity is not simplicity. It's reductionism."
—Nora Bateson (source)

Past focus areas have included commerce, civic technology, product, brand, marketing, advertising, AI & ML readiness, organizational transformation, and more. During my 15+ year career, I've partnered with government, non-government, enterprise, startup, and other organizations of all sizes.

This website is much more playground than portfolio, so please pardon the mess.

What I'm up to

  • Trying to keep my Now page up to date
  • Shouting into the abyss on Twitter
  • Posting photos on Instagram
  • Managing (some) code on GitHub
  • Hiding from email notifications on LinkedIn


  • Product design, information architecture, and interface content at Shopify
  • Design, product strategy, and operations leadership at Anchour
  • Technology, data governance, and AI readiness strategy at Coria
  • Solution architecture, front-end engineering, and digital accessibility consulting for many agencies and product companies
  • Business process automation at various construction and materials companies
  • Sales and customer service consulting at telecommunications companies
  • Founding designer and engineer at CreativeMeta, a boutique web software studio
  • Other miscellany