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About Christian Alden Jacobs

Hi! My name is Christian. I'm a product, service, and user experience designer, strategist, and internet software developer. I'm currently based in Hallowell, Maine but have been known to travel for work or travel while working. 

A Herman Miller Embody chair and Renew sit or stand desk. A MacBook Pro, secondary monitor, and whisky.
I spend a lot of time at my desk [pictured], and probably as much or more time working from cafes, bars, coworking spaces, and client offices.

I currently work at Coria, where I collaborate with clients around product, service, and user experience design; as well as marketing technology, data strategy, development, and other miscellany.

My background is rooted in research and strategic consulting intersecting with the full spectrum of web software design, planning, and development; including content strategy, information architecture, security, DevOps, GIS, data visualization, integrations, standards & accessibility centric front end development, business automation and more. My experience working with enterprise digital experience platforms typically involves Drupal and Sitecore.

If you'd like to get in touch, I can be reached by phone at +1.646.580.1655, or by email. I'm often up for drinks or dinner, so please do drop a line.

Here are some other handy bits:
Christian wearing an Outlier experimental F.cloth Hard Shirt and Lindberg rimless glasses, holding a lit cigarette
This is a photo of me, in Copenhagen at Techfestival 2018, chatting with wonderful colleagues after a workday. 

More soon.