Sacred Unity: Further Steps to an Ecology of Mind

Publisher summary

In A Sacred Unity Gregory Bateson explores the interconnectedness and interdependence of various aspects of the natural world, human societies, and the mind.

Bateson argues that our understanding of reality should not be limited to isolated parts but should encompass the relationships and patterns that emerge from these interconnected systems. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing the complex web of relationships and feedback loops that exist in nature and society.

The book delves into diverse topics such as ecology, anthropology, psychology, and epistemology to provide a holistic view of the world. Bateson introduces concepts like "ecology of mind" and "pattern that connects" to highlight the intricate connections between different levels of organization.

Bateson also explores the role of perception and communication in shaping our understanding of the world. He examines the limitations of language and the ways in which our mental processes can either enhance or hinder our ability to comprehend the complexity of the world around us.

Overall, A Sacred Unity emphasizes the need for a shift in our thinking, urging us to move away from reductionism and embrace a more holistic and ecological approach to understanding the world. It encourages us to recognize the interconnectedness of all things and the importance of nurturing harmonious relationships within and between various systems.


Gregory Bateson