Notes on the Role of Leadership and Language in Regenerating Organizations

Publisher summary

This book emerged from conversations between members of Paul Pangaro’s Developer Web Services team at Sun and Dr. Michael Geoghegan, who devoted more than twenty-five years to research, development, and strategic planning at DuPont. Dr. Geoghegan helped the team examine their work in the context of Sun’s changing, highly competitive environment. In a market that raises many fundamental business concerns, he gave them ways of evaluating and regenerating their relationship with developers. 

A distillation of decades of experience, the statements in this book draw on concepts culled from fields as diverse as economics, philosophy, biology, and cybernetics. The more central concepts and models are called out as sidebars. The statements in this book are axiomatic. 

But the insights they contain are anything but obvious.


Hugh Dubberly
Paul Pangaro
Peter Esmonde
Michael Geoghegan